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Hi everyone i'm new here though i've been checking out the boards for sometime now. I am trying to build up my credit score. I recently checked my credit and have a few ?

1. I have two collection agencys both for diffrent accounts but they both say open. And one also has a High balance. Is this allowed for collections? Or can I use this to get it removed?

My other question is I have a BOA charge card that was charged off as of Sept 2006 according to my report. Though I had this account paid off in full in Feb 2006. I called Boa and asked them about this and they pretty muchly said opps we can update your credit report it shows your account was charged off as of Dec 2005. Because of this error is there a way to get this off my report?

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the tradelines on your credit report " should be "

reporting correct information

you contacted the original creditor and notified them of the inaccuracy(s)

they are suppose to correct the mistakes and report the corrected information

they do " not " have to delete the tradelines

they are allowed to " ooppss " make mistakes

you will have to keep checking on your reports

to track what the original creditor does or chooses not to do

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