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Should I call the debt buyer?


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Original debt with Chase was charged off last spring (last payment made in Feb 2008).

Got CA letter in July

Sent DV Letter-never heard anything

CA (attorney office in my state)letter arrived this week

(Says attorney not involved in my case yet, just debt collecting)

collecting for a buyer of the debt from the OC

never got a letter from the debt buyer of any kind, just the attorney letter

They want me to "cure the default" by paying $1500 by April 9, 2009

I need to know if "cure the default means "settlement" or is just a trick to get me to start paying and make the account active again.

Should I call buyer of the debt directly to see if they will settle or deal with the attorneyCA they had send letter to me?

I already talked to the OC who confirmed who the buyer was.

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