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DV Letter

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I apologize if this info. is listed somewhere. I have searched & couldn't find what I was looking for. I just tried to click on Sample Letters & it wouldn't work for me.

I just found this site yesterday & have already learned soooo much. Thanks to all of you just for being here & being so helpful.

I am being sued by Cap1 & now I am looking at all of my old stuff. I realize it is too late to send them a DV letter but I do have another creditor that has been sending letters, etc. - no suit yet - so I need to send them one. Is there anything special about this type of letter or do I just basically say I need them to validate the debt? Do I send it certified, have it notarized, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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A simple, "Please validate this debt, will do it. The letter on this site is full of a laundry list of posturing on the debtors part that IMHO makes the writer look like a babbling idiot.

If you feel the above is too brief you can ad ..."pursuient to FDCPA Sec.809

15 USC 1692g."

Send it CMRR and keep copy's of everything, no notarization needed.

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