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Mann Bracken

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Here's the short version.....

- Wife Received letter from Mann Bracken stating she owes debt and have 30 days to dispute validity.

-Sent Letter CMRR, they signed for it on 2-17, letter also stated do not contact me or any third party by phone (only in writing)

-Five times since the date of receipt they have called her mother (three time on March 10 (The proof is she saved it on her caller ID)

-I called them the evening of March 10 and informed them that I have a delivery conformation dated a month ago stating in writing, no telephone contact to me or third party.

-They back peddled and stated they should have removed the phone number and they won't be calling anymore.

-Received Letter on March 12-Here is information you requested....it included a computer print out (half sheet of paper) of the name of creditor, amount charged off, and date of last payment, wife's name, home phone number (AND GET THIS, MY DADS WORK NUMBER IN ANOTHER STATE WE HAVE NEVER LIVED IN).

-What type letter should I send next.


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In SC, my favorite State!!! Go to the SC Dept. of Consumer Affairs website, download its complaint form, fill it out and mail it to the SC Dept of Consumer affairs and send a copy cmrr to The SC Dept and Mann Bracken. Remember, The SC Dept will only resolve a complaint that has merit, don't invent things. SC has States laws that mirror the FDCPA. Use em.

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Recovering Attorney - Cant be sure ( I know she had one several years ago....but the balance doesn't look right (her credit reports shows sold with a zero balance paid as agreed)with D.O.L.A in Sept of 2006) so don't think so. that was a while ago. also my father had one...The letter they sent us had our home phone number and his work phone (located in VA and we have never lived there....

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