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I have been a ghost for the past 10 yrs buying everything w/ cash and not applying for much credit. As a result everything has fallen off my CR except for three items. One of my three remaining CA's has listed the same collection twice.

Both are listed exactly the same way and for the same amount except for different account numbers. I sent a DL to all three CRA's noting the separate account numbers and disputing the amount owed on both collections. I have not recieved a response from any CRA's, since sending my initial DL's 3 weeks ago CMRRR.

Should I wait the full 30 days before initiating a DV with the CA?

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Thanks for the response and appreciate you taking the time to help a newbie with a question. These last three are right on the cusp of 7 yrs.

One is from Adelphia which was bought out by Comcast. Set to fall off 7/2012

Assigned to CA (Credit Protection Associates) TU & EX

The second is an apartment rental which is set to fall off in 8/2010

Assigned to CA (National Credit Systems) TU, EQ, & EX

The Third is an old Sprint cell phone account Set to fall off 10/2010

Assigned to CA (Cavalry Portfolio Services) TU, EQ, & EX

How do I get the true dates of last activity from OC? I no longer have any records of these old accounts. I also don't want to extend SOL

I did however initiate a mailed dispute on all three on feb 23rd and sent them CMRRR. I am waiting to here back from them.

I have my DV letters ready to go after I get my response from the CRA's. Should I wait or just send the DV's now?

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cap1kid is right. It's crazy but sometimes bad negatives are better than nothing on your CR.

You need to open you a secured credit card account. Get a positive or two on your report.

Well, unless you want your report to be completely clear.

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