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Is it worth using an attorney?

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I'm in AZ and got hosed by a doctor's office manager. She made an accounting error which lead to a domino effect that involved a collections agent and ultimately a negative item on my credit report.

I've since got a copy of the paid claim info from my medical insurance and contacted the doctor to ask what gives? She ended up leaving a voice mail message (which I recorded) stating that she made an error and it will be removed from my credit report.

I waited a few weeks, checked my credit report, and it was still on all three. I then wrote a dispute letter to all three bureaus. They came back with a "verified" response (i.e. the item remains).

I've contacted a lawyer who is interested in the case... but while willing to take in on contingency, his terms and conditions allow for a scenario where all his fees are compensated and I get zilch, nadda!

Now I'm sure I'd get something.... but give that I was the one damaged, and I did all the leg work to get the evidence, I'm not sure why I should hire someone who has terms and conditions that could (in theory) award him his fees but result in nothing for me.

Should I consider other lawyers or is this the usual fee agreement for this type of case?

Also, how hard would it be to try and tackle this on my own? They usually get settled out of court anyway, right?


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