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Resurgence Financial after me....


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So I had a charge off with a credit card years back that was a fair amount and my credit took a hit. So be it, I was young and misused credit and have accepted the consequences. As Citibank sold my credit real cheap to a collector it got passed around between these dirt balls for a few years and I finally laughed at these guys and was no longer in fear of their scare tactics. I actually frustrated them in many ways. So it ended up with a firm in Northbrook called RESURGENCE FINANCIAL. They are all over these financial credit chat rooms as being very deceiveing by summoning me to court.

The bad thing is my girlfriend signed for the papers. There isnt any signature of mine anywhere or original receipts. So, these guys have found some loop hole in the system and are going to try and sue me for my debt. I have been told that the only wage garnismnet that is acceptable by law is Child Sapport or Student Loans which I have none of.

So, I am thinking before they make an attempt to drain my checking account which I cant even begin to think that can be legal I need some advice.

Should I call my attorney and pay him to draft a letter to these crooks in Northbrook IL. They cant legally garnish my wages on credit that was given to me. There isnt enough room in the jail systems for this. 1/3 of the American population would be in jail if not more.

Thoughts out there????

Thanks in advance-

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