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Laws on use of cell phones

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I may be posting this in the wrong place but here it is.

I have a company, Financial Housing Assistance, that keeps calling about the mortgage crisis and they can help.

I have been telling them for three months now to stop calling, they say they will take me off the list, but the next day they call.

The number they call is my cell phone and it costs me money for these calls.

I don not know the laws on calling cell phones but I have heard a lot about them. Where is a good source to help me understand these laws.

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I agree. In addition, I've been told that this act can apply to debt collection calls. It does seem more applicable to your situation - telemarketing calls. You might try looking in the FCC also.

I'd be interested in hearing your opinion once you have given them a good read.

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This site may be of help but there are others: http://www.discord.org/~lippard/lawsuits.html

I would suggest you start a paper trail by getting their mailing address and sending a CMRRR letter explicitly telling them that they are calling a cell phone and that they do not have your permission to call and to place you on their "do not call" list.

Of course, you are going to have to be willing to sue if need be to enforce your rights.

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