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CRA has wrong contact info which matches collection account!


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Hello all,

I am new here so I apologize if this topic has been covered, but I swear I searched!;)

Experian has some erroneous contact information for me on my report and as a result I have a collection account that does not belong to me. They refuse to remove the erroneous contact info because it matches the collection notice and they refuse to remove the collection notice because it matches the erroneous contact info...

The comical part (if there is one) is that the guilty party is my father who lives in another state and we had a conference call with the CA and they "admit" this is not me and that it is my father and claim to have updated e-OSCAR to reflect the correct info...

The CRA (Experian) refuses to investigate claiming "frivolous dispute" and a phone agent even went so far as to tell me "deal with it, it is yours".

I am at my wits end!!!

ANY advice?

Thanks in advance everyone!!

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When you dispute over the phone or online, you give up some of your rights.

Send a letter to EX, tell them that the CA has some new information regarding the identity of the owner of the account EX mistakenly matched to your report. Give them the phone number and name of the person to contact with the CA.

Tell EX that failure to investigate the new information and remove the error will be considered a willful violation of FCRA.

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