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CHASE - CIRCUIT CITY transition letter received

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The letter I received today states that I will get a new card for the new promotion starting in May, and the TOS, rates and fees of the previous promotion will remain intact and the things that will change are:

1) the new card is called the CHASE FLEXIBLE REWARDS program card

2) earn 1 point for every $1 with the card

3) earn up to 10 additional points per $1 when you shop at their online mall (which has other retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, SHELL etc)

3) redeem travel merchandise, gift cards cash rewards (may incur up to $25 service fee, read the fine print!)

4) card will no longer have anything to do with Circuit City (duh)

Hope this answers some questions for folks

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I received the same letter, though my was due to the acquiring of WaMu, but it's the same rewards card.

It seems Chase is issuing the same rewards card to the companies it has acquired from the bank/company failures.

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