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American Idol 8-(this should be a sticky!)


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Okay I liked Adam before he did whatever the hell he did to Johny Cash last night..... :lol: He always sounds great but that was just too much for me.

I actually really like Anoop, have from day 1. His personlity is alot of it. What a nice easy-going guy! I also like the red headed girl, Danny, and the last guy of the night.

Don't have a favorite yet though. :)

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I hear ya! If I went the other way I'd have to look her up! Great tata's and gorgeous face! :lol: Her voice is cool but I don't know if it's in the same league as the others.

She needs to do the Melanie song "Brand New Key", play on her quirkiness..and yeah, she is definitely 'tongue wag' worthy.:p

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I liked the girl who got the boot last week. Now Megan is my favorite but I agree she doesn't stand much of a chance against the guys. I was in an altered state but I thought ring of fire was beyond bad a$$ in a Tenacious D kind of way.

Where you have you been mister?

I hated hated hated Ring of Fire. But I love love love Tenacious D. I think Adam has a good voice but I can tell he's starting to become really impressed with himself. :roll:

You were in an altered state huh? Why am I not surprised? :lol:

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