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I'm in the midst of a drawn out dispute regarding a debt with First Premier Bank which was sold to Arrow. Both are reporting on my CR's. I disputed Arrow with TU twice and both times it came back verified. I DV'd Arrow with no response and submitted that to TU and disputed again. Now TU says the TL is not on my report.

Don't get me wrong, that is a good thing but I want to know why it was deleted. I called TU to verify that it was not on my report. I asked when it was deleted and why and all they could tell me is that it's not on there now. I did send Arrow a follow up to my initial DV citing TFC 392 and demanded they delete it if they can't validate it, so I'm thinking maybe Arrow went ahead and pulled the TL.

Is the CA required to notify me of that action? Is the CRA required to disclose when/why a TL was deleted? Maybe I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and just be glad it's gone, but inquiring minds and all...

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