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Starting out ... is this a good plan?


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Starting out …

I have a CBCInnovis report (friend in the mortgage biz pulled it) with 5 dings. Because I have NO “good” credit history, these dings are dinging my score down.

We moved twice in last three years and 3 of the dings are utility bills unpaid that got lost in shuffle (I just didn’t get the forwarded last bill for two, the third is non-returned cable box that went to collection).

The fourth item is for an unsolicited product given to my child at my child’s school for our “review”, we had to “pay or return” the product and miscommunication over who was going to pay left it unpaid, the collection notice probably got lost in our move and now its on the report twice, from seller and from collection agency. Its irritating that something we didn’t ask for is now a ding on my report, but we do have the product and would keep it and just pay for it.

The last item is fraud/identify theft, a cell phone account in my name & SS#, I’m working with the Fraud dept of the cell phone company who says they’ll get this off my credit report once I do an affidavit and file a report.

Except for the fraud, the sum total of outstanding amounts is less than $700 and I can afford that.

My current plan would be: For the utilities and product, write a letter to the company saying I’ll pay the amounts due in full when I get their written agreement to remove the item from my credit report.

Is this basically a good plan? Anyone have success in a similar situation? Or, any problems/pitfalls I should know about? Will they really just remove the item - so it disappears and that's it?

For the items that went to collection, do I deal with the collection agency, or the primary, or both – and how? Doesn’t the collection agency now “own” the debt? What can I “bargain” with for the primary?

Thank you for helping a newbie!

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Utility bills:

I had the same problem happen with me with Southwestern Bell (when it was under that name) a few years back, and I was able to contact them. I received a letter of agreement stating once I paid the balance they would remove the account from collections off my credit report - they did.

So it might work out with if the company has not sent it to a CA, but they still have the debt at the company; sometimes that put it under "collections" on your credit report but it's still within the company. For sure call them up and deal with the account.


Items in collections you will have deal with the CA. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING! :) This will help you start your paper trail on your credit repair. Continue to work with fraud on your cell phone b/c it seems they want to help you out and remove it from your credit report; get this in writing as well.

I hope this helps you on your start with your credit repair! Good luck and keep us posted! :)

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