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limited letter of administration ??

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Anyone know what a limited letter of administration means?

My late mother died at a nursing home, my estrange brother, who didn't lift a finger to help out when my mother was still alive, and passed penniless, filed a lawsuit against the nursing home, and the attorney he hired is creating an estate account in my late mothers name - in anticipation of an award regarding the lawsuit. Since there are only two sons in the family, I was served with papers requesting I appear at surrogate court to show cause why I disagree to the issuance of limited letter of administration to my estrange brother.

But, none of the papers I received, relate what exactly is a limited administration ?

and if an award is commenced, is there a law that relates how the award is to be distributed ??

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Thank You for shedding some light, but, what is confusing are the options on the legal document as follows:


___ Administration

_X_ Limited Administration

___ Administration with Limitations

___ Temporary Administration

Would you know what is the difference from Limited Administration as to Administration with Limitations ??

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