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Need to file an answer tomorrow

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I am being sued by a JDB and need to file an answer by tomorrow.

On October 3, 2008 I received a notice of collection from Brewer & Brewer Attorneys at Law on behalf of JDB, KBW Capital Corporation. On October 6, 2008 I mailed them a DV letter and required AT LEAST 30 days to investigate any information that they are able to provide. Dated October 17, 2008 they sent me a letter stating: "Relative to the above and pursuant to your request, enclosed please find verification of your obligation to our client's assignor." Attached was a copy of the agreement I signed with the OC on 11/17/05.

Between school and work I had a hard time following up and investigating any further.

On or about February 19, 2009, I received a summons from Brewer & Brewer requiring me to file an answer within 30 days.

Today I called the OC to check the status on my delinquent line of credit and they told me it was transferred to the Law Offices of Michael L. Murphy and they gave me a (866) number for them that is no longer in service. I called another number for them that I found in my credit report and that number too, was no longer in service. Finally, I googled their company and that number that I found was also no longer in service.

At this point I am assuming that they are no longer in business and sold the account to the company who is trying to sue me now - Brewer & Brewer/KBW Capital.

I have no idea what to do and have to file an answer by tomorrow.

If anyone can lead me in the right direction on what I should do or how to file an answer I would greatly appreciate it. My other option would be to settle with the JDB, which I really can't afford. They're suing me for $6040.22 plus interest and attorneys fees, I am a student and work part time and can't even afford a fraction of that.

Thanks in advance!

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