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Help me remove erroneous derogatory credit information, please...

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First of all, hello to everyone out there dealing with credit issues, and to those willing to help. (I will try to be as brief as possible)

My aunt opened a Fleet credit card account in 1993, adding me as an "authorized user." Things apparently went swimmingly for several years, although I never knew a thing about it, and she was able to stay on top of the debt she incurred. Some years ago, she defaulted on the account, and it was ultimately discharged in her bankruptcy(still completely unknow to me).

I checked my credit report last year, and found what appeared to be three credit card accounts(it was actually the original Fleet account, purchased and repurchased by two other banks), which I knew were not mine. I called the police to report what I thought was "identity theft," and was talked down by the officer, who encouraged me to do a little research before I took that step, which I did. I then discovered the account was in fact the account my aunt had opened with Fleet, and named me the authorized user. I called the current account holder, Bank of America, to explain my plight, and was told at first all I had to do was to dispute the account with the three major credit reporting agencies, which I did, and it would be removed. It wasn't! The notation on the account was that it had been verified! Obviously, I wanted to get hold of the "verifying" material, so began an onslought of calls and letters to BOA requesting any contracts, agreements, statements, collection attempts, or any other documents that held me financially accountable according to them, and as you might imagine, aside form one letter from the "image retrieval department" (that you cannot speak to should you call BOA, incidently) stating that they did not have enough information to find the requested documents(I provided the full account number, the full charge-off account number, the exact date the account was opened, and who opened it, and copies of my previous requests)but would love to help me with the matter, should I like to call them. Again, I was told that I can't speak to that department, as it is simply a "data base" of sorts, and not manned by ummm...men. F-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g. It gets worse. Over time, my aunt's name disappeared altogether, and I am now the sole and "individual" owner of this charged-off account. One would think that due to my "promotion" to "Individual Account holder" from "Authorized User," there would be perks--like access to the verifying documents, but you'd be wrong. Other than the letter from the sketchy "Image Retrieval Department," I have nothing to show for all my certified mail efforts. I want to sue the mothers really really bad. By the way, and I probably should have mentioned this earlier, both Fleet and the second bank to purchase the account, removed it from my credit profiles!!! In fact, when I contacted them, they said they could not speak to me about the account, since I wasn't the party who opened it!!! Seriously, can I be helped?

(sorry. this wasn't exactly "brief" as promised.)

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Write a letter to the 3 CRAs and demand that they remove all information in regards to those accounts that you are an authorized user. If you have a previous copy of your CR showing you listed as an AU, you may want to include it with your letter since by now they probably updated it as you being its owner. They should remove all accounts related to the offending accounts since you are not legally responsible for the balances as an AU.

From what I've read, you've only been battling with the OC which will get you nowhere since they just want their money. Go to the CRAs and send everything Registered mail so you have proof of it.

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