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don't understand comments found on CR

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Okay I just got a 3-in-1 CR because I wanted to see if some things I had disputed had dropped off yet & I did it under one of those free trial things. (I actually had just pulled my actual CR from all 3 bureaus prior to starting my disputes 2 weeks ago)

This 3-in-1 report has various comments about how to improve my credit, how horrible I am (only 4% of households are worse than me), etc etc Anyway it says that I have no positive credit. Now granted I have a lot of negative things I'm working on but how can 1 paid auto loan (just paid off in 2008) that was never ever late not be considered positive?? The CU only reports to 2 of the 3 CRA. I also have a current auto loan that has never been late. I have also been re-paying my student loans since 2002. There is a 90 day late back in 2006.

What do I have to have to be considered positive? It says negatively that I don't have any major credit cards such as Visa/Discover/AmEx/MC. Well of course I don't because I can't get any of them. Not even the sub-prime cards. I don't get it. My scores are pretty bad (mid to high 500 range) but how can I not even get a sub-prime $200 junk card where they are dinging me with tons of fees?

Sorry had to vent. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to have "positive" credit on my report since apparently nothing I have is considered positive. Funny thing is I bet if I quit paying my auto loan & my student loan they sure enough would quickly show up as negative credit.

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1) I'm trying to go the secured card route but I'm finding those aren't even guaranteed.

2) A bunch of bad stuff:

  • (2) paid judgements. (stupid & didn't know any better & was scared to go to court) 1 for medical bills for my husband that I had no idea I could be held responsible for. 1 for NSF charges for a bank that I tried numerous times to pay before court & they refused. (long story but I had to close my bank acct & not all of the charges were valid)
    (3) charge-off's for credit around the $1,000 range (of course all were initially smaller but they've tacked on their fees) These are with Wells Fargo, Household, & Merrick banks
    (3) CA accounts that I have no idea what they are for. I've never heard of the CA or the OC. I'm currently disputing these with the CRA. I'm also DV 2 of them with the CA who has just recently sent me paperwork I guess since I disputed with the CRA
    (2) small collections from a medical bill & Dish Network....my mom paid these off before I started my credit repair journey & we didn't know to ask for a PFD so they are still on my CR but they are showing paid now at least
    (1) 90 & 120 day lates from Sallie Mae...I've written them a GW letter because this was either right before or during the time I was under forbearance (it was 3 years ago so probably isn't impacting my CR too much)

Honestly if I could I would just wait it out & let them drop off. But they don't start dropping off until 2012 at the earliest & I really need to get this mess cleaned up before then.

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