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In-line ads implemented.


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Yah, I noticed all these hyperlinks this morning. I was starting to think my computer was infected with a virus that was inserting these things and pushing me towards certain sites. :D

I'm not sure if you are asking an opinion (seems like you are), but they are only mildly annoying. Not a big deal really. If they help generate revenue to keep this site up and running, then I say keep 'em!

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If they are making you money- or helping keep the site alive- Of course I love them and have been buying tons of stuff from the sponsors.

If they aren't generating $$$- they are annoying.

Actually I haven't really noticed any difference.

What ever happened to the website that stole your entire content?

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Oh I thought admin was talking about all those words in the posts now showing up as links, like collections agency, credit questions, etc.

Oh yeah okay I did notice those. I almost reported somebody for spam because I thought they were advertising or something. Then like JQ, I thought something was wrong with my computer! :lol:

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