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lucked out?


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I challenged a paid satisfied judgment I had on all three credit reports. So far, I've got back two results: one verified it but the other deleted it. Is there a way I can use the latter fact as a way to get the other CRAs to delete the judgment?

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What was removed should be considered as blessing. Continue to dispute with the remaining CRA but showing a remove letter makes no difference if CA or OC keep verifying that debt with a particular CRA.

You can try DV route and see if that falls of or try disputing as too old to be on file etc ... just pick random reason and see what gets you.

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I had 2 delete and 1 verify. The 3rd deleted almost immediately upon receipt of this letter:

**Sent via US Postal Service Certified Return Receipt**



Gator's Address

Gator's Town, Florida 55555

Equifax Credit Information Services, Incorporated

Post Office Box 740241

Atlanta, Georgia 30374

RE: Tax Lien

Dear Equifax:

In April 2008, I disputed the trade line shown on my credit reports with all three major credit reporting agencies including Equifax. Here is the trade line from my credit report at that time:

Public Record Information (This section includes public record items obtained from local, state and federal courts.) Lien Filed 06/2006; Named County Courthouse; Case or ID # - 555555; Amount - $5,555 ; Class - State; Address: PO BOX 555 Town, NC 55555-5555

Both TransUnion and Experian deleted the referenced trade line in just a few days since they either found that it did not belong to me or could not verify the information. You replied to my dispute with the following:

>>>We have reviewed the lien information. Case or ID # - 555555 The results are: Equifax has verified that this public record item is reporting correctly. Equifax verified that this item belongs to you. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Named County Courthouse, PO Box 555, Town, NC 55555-5555

I have tried to obtain information from the Court you show reporting this information, and they advised they do not report this information and could not provide any details. As provided by Federal Law, I am requesting that you now provide me with the method you used to verify this entry on my report to verify that you have followed the necessary processes to ensure accurate reporting to my credit file.



As always, if you choose to do similar, please compose your own letter to suit your individual needs.

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