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Help Building Credit?

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The absolute best way my wife & I built up our credit files was dealing with a small local lender. We would take out small loans and pay them off as soon as they report a history to the bureaus(about 90 days). We would save the money loaned to us in a lock box. After about one year of doing this we were pretty much waist deep in creditors wanting to do business with us.

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Living in the state of MASSACHUSETTS and I'm trying to establish credit in order to get car and maybe purchase a house in the future.

Credit Scores information provided by True Credit

TransUnion: 745

Experian: 645

Equifax: 628

Accounts Open :1

Accounts Closed: 2

Derogatory Account

Being Disputed by me but still on credit report 3,711.

The only account I have open now is a Macy's account at that is a credit limit of 100.00.

What credit card companies that use TU only. I need to re-establish credit.




Place an extended fraud alert on my credit report. Now the Credit Card Companies have to notify me if they want to open credit in my name.

Finally got that DQ off my credit report 3,711 from Dell. Dell said: this is a common thing that people can a get computer someone else’s name… from place in which they move out off. WTF is up with that! Anyways it is gone and I'm happy.

I have two new accounts open the first is a Discover Card Motiva credit limit $500.00. I used half the credit limit and will pay it off at the end of this week in order to rebuild my credit score. I just got approve for a Gap Card issued by GE Money Bank credit limit 900.00. Gap has this thing going on if you spend 800.00 bucks within a year you can update to a Gap Visa...I might just do that...later on.

I haven't check my credit scores with True Credit as of yet but will update you all later.

TaTa for now!

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