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Need Advice - Credit Card Case in Ohio

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Hello all,

I am in dire need of some good advice. I understand that none of it can be taken as "legal" advice by a lawyer. Just looking for info for anyone. Here's the situation:

1. Last year a JDB was awarded a default judgement against me for $5000. The reason for this is that I didn't even know about the case, as I had moved several times the previous few years, and I was never served.

2. When I found out, I filed a Motion to Set Aside Default Judgement -- which was awarded.

3. On November 18th, I had a hearing, in which I explained that I have no knowledge of the debt. This is some sort of mistaken identity or identity theft.

4. The case was SET for REPORT on January 13th. I didn't know what this meant.


6. On January 13th, I showed up in court, and had the answers to the Requests with me. It was within the 30 days. The reason I didn't mail them is because I don't trust the company suing me. I wanted it to be done in court.

However, the opposing lawyer didn't show up --- instead of dropping the case, it was SET FOR TRIAL on March 24th.

7. On March 17th, I received a letter in the mail from the courthouse saying that b/c I didn't respond to the REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS, it means that I have admitted everything.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? I still have a court date on March 24th. I don't want to admit anything in the REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS, as the information isn't correct. Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation?

Warm Regards,


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This whole episode sounds like a train wreck from day one.

If this is truly a case of identity theft, go see a lawyer and have him explain to you how to use that fact to get the case dismissed at the hearing despite the fact that you made some procedural errors.

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