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Can Anyone give me a list of general Debt services?

stop foreclosure

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That seems to be quite a "glass is half empty" way to look at things. :? I would like to think that there is help out there. I have talked with a few companies but was just curious to get a cut and dry list of options. I will search through the posts, and check out the do it yourself. Are there any particular threads that you would suggest I start at... There just seem to be quite a few to dig through.


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There are tons of people that have posted on here....that have used credit repair companies before.

They are all on here trying to fix the mess credit repair companies have caused to their CR's.

Why waste your hard earned money paying someone? All it takes is a little time reading and researching. The most money you will spend doing it yourself....is the cost of certified mail return receipt requested (CMRRR) or buying your CR's.

For some reason...when you fix and work on your own credit....it seems to make you smarter down the road dealing with credit cards and buying stuff on credit. It's very hard to let a company charge you outrageous stuff....when you know EXACTLY what is in your credit reports. Dealing with mine.....made it easier to buy a house without getting sucked up into the whole "bad mortgage" thing.....get credit cards without high interest rates. It helped me learn about budgeting and not overextending. It helped me learn to negotiate with hospitals for lower settlement cost. etc....... It's never a bad idea to be smart about YOUR own credit.

All stickies at the top of the pages are good reads. Also, if there is a certain company you want to know about (like Providian, NCO, Capital One or any collection agency) just type their name in the search and research them.

You can also search the local BBB, or search at Bud Hibbs's site.

The very first step is to get all three of your credit reports. I prefer to get each one separately instead of the 3in1's. Here's a place you can get ALL 3 free once a year


Here is the newbie Primer


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That seems to be quite a "glass is half empty" way to look at things. :? I would like to think that there is help out there.

The scepticism you find here is justified. I don't think I've ever seen one single instance where one of these organizations have done what they promise to do.

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There is simply nothing a "debt fixer" company can do for you that you cannot do for yourself and while I do believe that there are a handful that can "help"; finding one of those few amongst the many, many that are near or fully scams is almost impossible.

If you really, really don't want to spend the time to do it yourself then I would suggest you find a good attorney (hopefully at least somewhat in your area) who is familiar with or willing to become familiar with the applicable statutes to go to work for you. It's likely to be very expensive; at least up front (who knows, you may be able to get some relief from those information furnishers, etc who violate) but that money would be much better spent than sending it to a "debt fixer" company. In other words, it's better, IMAHO, to spend $10,000 on something that works than to spend $3,000 on something that is a total waste.

Also, if an attorney screws you, you have some real recourse against him/her. :)


If you really ask me (not that you did) I'd say a person is far better off to take any money they would spend "fixing" their credit report, invest it instead, and let time "repair" your credit history...at the end, you'll have a clean credit report and some real money in the bank and if you have money, you don't need to borrow your way to prosperity. :)

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