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ADMIN!!! Having problems accessing the site now


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hey all I can somewhat access the site from here at the shop, but no at home anymore...anyone else...you may not be able to post...

Admin, This min...this may be becuase of you new ads? I keep getting errors saying I cannot access the site...then the server dumps me off...

I got it a little while ago, and now I was finally able to get in...I hope this post works..

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hey, now, don't be blaming it on me...

The new in line ads are the culprit. In order to put those into the page, the page has to run through their server before its sent to you. If our server is running slow because lots of people are on it, and their server is running slow because lots of other sites are hitting it....your page gets timed out.

Just happened to me on www.msnbc.com. Good idea, but not ready for prime time....

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