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Didn't win Didn't lose another hearing

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xangelx I re-open a case successfully using a Fla. Sta. I discovered, was given only 15 minutes and it was a Telephonanic hearing. Long story short I signed and was paying monthly on a stipulation pay and dismiss (I just assumed it was mine). I got wise through reading resourse in this forum and all the consumer laws both fed. and state. I complaint to the Plaintiff almost a year later after reading the paperwork, and started my credit repair, I then realize the debt was bogus they sent me through the court 4 BoA statements with different acct no. than what was filed, therefore I open the case up with new evidence that was not available at the time for retrial.

I had all my evidence to provide but then the judge started late with the case, then was still talking with the secretary about the previous cause then as plain as i could present the evidence, she seemed confused, irritated, as I'm talking and giving her my copies of the evidence, the plaintiff's giving his inpute, and then the most telling moment to me is she looked up at the clock after only 5 min. in.

The lawyer was making an end to his speech trying to connect the two different account no. I was ready to show the judge this new acct that showing transactions in 2005 in a 4 BoA statements and a Ex cr dated 2/2/2000 showing that this very acct was closed surposedly by the credit grantor in 3/2001 and she decided at that moment to end the hearing, that her only concern was the two different acct no. Over looking that there's no signed contract, a BoA bill of sale with 14,000 accts purchase but nothing linking me to them, a blank hard to read cardservice letter from BoA.

My guest is they will use an affidavit from a Bank Officer from BoA that claim they have first hand knowledge of this other account therefore problem solved.

I know that must defend against these 4 bogus statements as well as the so called original. My question is can file for discover, or production of documents as well as some aready mention FDCPA procedure such as a contract requirement, any help is appreciatedxdancex

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