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Document Hearing by NAF will be held. Chase Bank vs Me in Pennsylvania

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What do I do next?

I responded to them (NAF and creditor's lawyer) long time ago twice refusing arbitration. Now, I got this "Document hearing".

I have 10 days to submit any additional submissions to be considered by the Arbitrator.

What should I turn in next? What do I do?

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I'm not going to give you any hope on the document hearing....you will lose. At this point, you objected to the arbitration, that's good. If you participate in the document hearing you may waive your objection which may hurt you in court. So do nothing about the document hearing, you will lose no matter what you do.

NAF is the greatest scam around.

The good news is: Arbitration awards mean nothing until confirmed in court.

You need to see a lawyer now to stop court confirmation.

The Bad news: I don't know what your state does about sham credit card arbitration from NAF.

My state has thrown out all credit card arbitration via Coady vs. Cross Country Bank. There are many other precedents in many other states. There is a chance your state has a similar precedent.

A good lawyer could challenge this for you, maybe file a class action. Class action is how Coady got done in WI. Check NACA for an attorney that might be willing to do this.

You will not only potentially liberate yourself, but everyone in the future caught in the NAF scam!

In my state: dragging you through arbitration is a good thing! They can't confirm as a judgment under Coady, and once arbitrated they preclude litigating the claim! That's why the local debt lawyers sue vs. arbitrating. The morons from Maryland still arbitrate in my state, rendering their claims worthless unless the consumer is stupid enough to pay it.

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