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Hey ya'll I scored big on FC last week...I got a great new hot tub...it's a 6 seater and came with all the original paperwork, chemicals and cover, lifter and steps...all FREE!!!

I am glad this did not end up in a landfill, owner said she bought the house about 2 years ago and the tub came with it, she never had in interest in using it and wanted to gone so she could plant flowers in the spot where it stood...we drive 60 miles to get it and it's worth the 50.00 in gas a trailer rental...

For thise who do not know, check out freecycle.org for a group in your area...people would rather give something away, than to throw it away...recycling for free...freecycycle

Hopr it's alright to post the link here, if not I will edit this post :rolleyes:

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freecycle can be a great tool. I gave my old washer and dryer away on freecycle. Afterwards, I had to stop the emails because people were sending out loads of unrelated info and for some reason they argued all of the time. It was too much.

I guess the moderators weren't doing their work for my local group. I do however think it is a great way to give or get some good things.

I'm looking for a lawn mower, I need to get back on :)

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