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Which cards are subprime? Help?

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Well I am 1 1/2 years of a BK7 and these are the only cards I could get..

My question is do they hurt me or help me, and should I maybe dump the Hooters card it has a zero balance.

They are open trade lines, they help you. Keep them until you qualify for a prime card, then dump them one by one as you replace them.


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I have a Hooters, HSBC, Capital one, & Chase... all unsecured.

Which of these cards would be considered to be Sub Prime, and which would you replace.


When it comes to Chase, you need to have Excellent credit. I think with Hooters, your credit would have to be fairly fair. Why would you want to replace them if they are not ripping you off and giving you history?

The names of the issuers do not affect your score do they?

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I consider subprime...what you are paying in interest fees. If the interest is extremely high...then it's probably subprime for you.

Like most people would say HSBC is....but I think it depends on what your rate is. Some people get a good rate.

I consider most of my dept store cards subprime. High interest.

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