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CC Co. cannot provide me with transactions

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I have a balance of $6,400.00 on a credit card. I asked them to provide me with transactions that make up this amount. They can not provide me with this information. That said the furthest they can go back is 6/05 which shows a balance of approx. $13,500.00.

I pay every month regardless because I don't want to mess up my credit, but now I feel like I shouldn't have to pay the rest if they cannot provide me with the original transactions that make this balance.

Am I wrong to ask them to make my balance $0.00 since they can't provide me with this information? How do I really know the beginning balance was even correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Why are you thinking about disputing past amounts? Do you have reason to suspect that the balance is incorrect, or that there are hidden fees or charges?

If you bought things with your credit card, then you have an obligation to pay for them.

The method of disputing old balance amounts is typically reserved for folks who are delinquent in their accounts. When the creditor sells the account to a CA, then they often make errors in the amount owed, the date first delinquent, etc.

But if you are still current in the account, I'm not sure why you would use this strategy.

Unfortunately, creditors often keep poor records, and there's no way of recreating your old balances, unless you kept your own records. Stopping or reducing payments is a risky approach. And truth is, most creditors aren't willing to negotiate until you've been delinquent for some time.

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