What do you do for a living?

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Right now I am a CSR for a health insurance company. I feel like a bum compared to a lot of you guys. :lol:

Do you get health insurance with your job? That's an awesome job.... don't underestimate yourself! I have to call my Health Insurance CSR laster today about an unpaid bill..... who knows, maybe I will be speaking to you- if that's the case I apologize in advance for cursing you out and wishing you ill will... I don't really mean it.

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I'm an industrial drafter or as I like to call myself to be all fancy: Industrial Engineer :lol:

Basically, using ACAD software, I draw up tanks, piping, etc. to prepare for reports that evaluate how well the equipment is meeting the American Petroleum Institutes standards of operating.

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lets see

we have a barcalounger dancer :0

a cop

a person in a lawyers office

some pipe people

insurance people

wanna be in next life people :) LOLOL me too....

a inside sales person

a loan officer

real estate

but what does a COBOL IT geek do?

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Right now I'm combo of IT and CSR. Basically, I take the geek speak that my boss tells our non-techy clients and turn them into normal english. While learning to do network management.

My job before that (and my ideal eventual job after schooling) is archival/curatorial management at a museum.

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