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What do you do for a living?


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when working, i finish out retail stores. with the current economic situation, i spend a lot of time picking lint out of my belly button and emailing contacts for work opportunities.
Ouch...probably not a good line of work to be in right now. I shorted GGP and SPG REITs throughout 2008 and into 2009. These REITs own US malls. They're getting their head handed to them. Massive debt, illiquid assets (malls), declining rents per sq. ft., and a steady stream of retailer bankruptcies and retailer store count contractions.

Things will get better again. We just have to work through the hangover of ten years of overexpansion!

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Well I was working in a collections law firm. But no longer... I got laid off a couple of weeks ago. JERKS.. Anyways, now I'm just at home spending time with my girls, Applied to go back to school @ the local college this fall and am considering opening a debt counseling firm here in the great ole' Salt Lake Valley to help people get their finances in order. :) YAY Ya'll have no reason to hate me anymore. haha Oh and my other job is a dance teacher. Love every second of that job.

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I do HVAC (heating, AC work). A while ago, we were doing a job for a fast food restaurant chain. The owner asked if we could do any work on his fryer/grill stuff as well. I ran it by the boss, he said sure go for it, more money for the company. Years later, our company does it all - what sucked is that some of the hardcore workers who only wanted to do strictly HVAC work wound up getting laid off, those that didn't mind getting greasy once in a while still have full time jobs, plus an extra boost in salary for doing the job no one else wants.

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I work as a medical records retriever. I facilitate procuring medical records from facilities for insurance companies. Sometimes insurance companies need these records for certain types of policies such as life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance etc. Sometimes I get the records so the insurance companies can process insurance claims.

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NCO? I hear they're hiring. :)++

haha, no!

It's a place that handles several large companies (Like sprint PCS, Verizon, Microsoft, etc...) when you are having problems, you call the 800#. It would lead you to me and I would work or troubleshoot you through those problems. Or if you had problems with your bill....I would be the one that would help you fix them.

I would be making NO outbound calls...it's all inbound.

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I am a:

Short Order Cook

Cleaning and Laundry Specialist

Tutor in Math

Dog Trainer/Walker


Taxi/ Bus Driver ( Chevy Suburban 11mtg)

Finance Manager

Domestic Engineer

a.k.a. Stay at home mom with 5 kids, 2 dogs and a husband (husband counts as two kids most of the time so change that total to 7 kids :lol:)

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Hello all, very new here but I found this to be a good starting point as a "get to know ya"!xdancex

I am a Systems Administrator and Queue Manager for a national timeshare company in their Account Services department (lol that's code for collections:twisted:).

Pretty much you can say I am the liason between the three centers in TN, NV, and FL our ARMS system (Account Rec. Man. System) and the IT department. First line of defense when something goes wrong.::BigGun::

I also manage our calling queues to make sure that our departments don't call the wrong accounts and make sure they call the right ones...the calling queues are my babies!XtypeX

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