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Please help, was this legal?

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Hi, I really need some advice! I short sold my home 2 years ago, and since then it has been listed on my creidit reports as Legally paid for less, and settled for less, and closed.

I m trying to by a house and I decided to try and get it off my report by disputing it, which i should have never done because now they have listed it as a open collection account with a past due balance and late payments. Can they do this???

It went from legally paid in full for less, and settled for less to past due???

I am in the middle of buying a home, I have been a single mom for 2 years, and was so happy to be able to get in a position to give my daughter a home, and now it could all be over. PLease please, someone help, what can I do?

Thank you for any info,


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