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judgment 1999 in NY / 04 sister state filed..

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Please advise me, as I am new at this. In 1997 I had an acct with a PI agency and moved away without closing the monthly fees acct. In 1999 they got a judgment against me, in NYC. I was in Ca the whole time. In 2004 they filed a "sister state" filing in Ca, saying I now owed $6,800 and have filed interest+ updates, at least once.

I've never rsponded. What's the best approach now?? I think the amount is something crazy like "$12,000" or something. It's on my credit reports, as a Ca judgement, from 2004, at $6,800.:rolleyes:

I have a second judgment from a car repo'ed way back when I still had hair! In {{1992}} Which at the time I owed something like $1,800 on yet, but they claimed $3,600 as 2 diferent finance companies dealt with it. They sent notice to an address I hadnt lived at in "8 yrs". Anyway... they got a judgment and kept renewing it, until they now claim I owe them {{{ $ 28,000 !!!!}}} AND, they filed a lein a few yrs ago! I finally went to the courthouse and reviewed the file 6 mo ago. I'm told after 60 days, I can't fight it. I'm poor obviously. But would scape up $2-3000 to get rid of it. What to do. Try and settle? Get an atty and gamble on gettting it dismissed??? Pray? File BK? I'm getting too old for this. Thanks for the advise.

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