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Illinois Income Tax Lien Filed in Error

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I had an IL Dept of Revenue lien filed against me and recorded in the LaSalle County Recorders Office in error. The IL Dept of Revenue filed a Certificate of Tax Lien Release stating "This release is being issued because this tax lien was filed in error."

Since this lien was filed in error, I want this lien expunged from the LaSalle County Recorders Office records. How do I go about this. Contact a Lawyer?

Already talked to the County Recorder, he said he cannot remove it.

Is There a Lawyer in the House who can answer?

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To Admin:

I joined this forum to try and get an answer from a lawyer on the this forum and I see now this was a waste of my time.

Thanks for your imput but your answer was no help.

How do I remove myself from this forum?


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