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FCRA violation?

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I reviewed my credit report a while back and saw an entry from a CA for a doctor's bill. The amount in question was about $60 which they said I still owed after my insurance paid a portion of the bill. I was unaware of the debt and when I found out, I called the doctor's office and PAID THE OFFICE DIRECTLY. I never had any contact with the CA, yet 1 year later, the CA continues to report on my credit report that I had had a past due balance although they show it as paid. I have sent letters to them explaining that they have no right to list anything on my credit report as they were never a creditor of mine and I never dealt with them when paying the debt, but to no avail. I am considering taking further action, starting with sending another letter with a sample complaint and a warning that I will file w/i 30 days if they don't take action with the CRAs to remove the listing. Has this CA violated the FCRA by continuing to report this debt? If so, what is the proper venue for my suit (i.e. state or federal court)? FYI, I am in Suffolk County, New York. Any help is appreciated.

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