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Dealing with lawfirm/Discover Card

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Well, I think im in a bit of a bind, heres the Long and short of it.

I got sued by a firm hired by discover (discover still owns the debt) They got a default judgement and have been continuing to add the interest which is now about $20K (originally was like 11,2, or 12).

Now heres whats happened so far.

My bank accts were garnished,(I work for my self, so they couldn't get any pay checks or anything like that, And I have NO assets) Then I got in contact with the lawyers that are handling it, Gave them $700, they released my 2 bank accts and what was in them. They said "they wont garnish my accnts again" Ok great... so they made a deal that I can pay them 9800... in 3 months, so I gave them another 1800...

Im supposed to pay the balance by the end of next month....

(alternativley I can pay the 20k in 12 months....yeah right!)

But what im thinking to my self... WHY??? what else can they do?? What if I just give them 1k a month? till its paid(the balance, with out any interest)?

(the legal aid that I working with says hes "going to bat for me", and that the basically have to OK everything WITH discover, since they still own the debt) and Disc, doesn't seem to be very flexible.

Besides, Now I'd know to keep an eye out, and how to check the court records incase they did try to garnish my bk accts, and I could just pull everything out and borrow my moms bank acct. (my business is all cash, and not doing to well any way)

Id really appreciate some sound advice on this, as im supposed to give them some answer tomorrow.

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IT is difficult to garnish a bank account if it doesn't exist. I have no bank accounts in my name.

I too am self-employed, I changed the manner in how I do business to make sure my assets were all protected. Not having a bank account in your name can be a bit of a bother on occasion, but these days with technology not really a huge issue.

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