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New and lost,& now what?

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Hubby & I are tring to buy a home and Wham!

3/2/*got CR, has several(5) old med collections, so sent DV to those, still waiting, looks good two days left on DV and no-one yet to reply..

3/23*Got Collection letter from pushy,snotty , collection co. list several accounts,

(14) some are from same hosp ect,, BUT 3 are past SOL (2001) , Called said company, No record, oh wait paid in Full 2000, humm why is SPC tring to collect?( over $1000.) asked them to call Pushy and have it removed,,. OC calls back and says" Pushy" They OWE or we wouldnt be tring to collect" Unbeliveable! so.. Sent letter to pushy: C&D with WA, SOL printout.. also to OC ..(cmrrr) DV on medical accounts, (Cmrr)

Pushy Snotty Collections, "bundled the accounts" so you pay "interest on Balance"

then to OC's ( with Nice Hippa reminders) ..still waiting to hear back, they

have 3 days

: what violations can i get PSC, besides collection on a SOL debt, Can i get them on Hippa? Or will that be the Oc;s?


: meantime,,I get a Nasty Call from Oly Collections? you owe,,, me: Nope show me ,them we will sue you,,, CA sends demand letter.( next day). I send DV since med account show Hippa auth, and C&d,(cmrr) same Day,

they send,summons three days later( from atty no less)( funny dated 2/20, filed 3/5 and "served" 3/27, , they send 3/25 copy of "validation" whopping three pages , paitent info, ( id ,isurance card , work info ect( basic pt cover sheet) And get this, Billing info and at the bottom says" pt agrees to pay X amount Without MY sig

ok my sig is on NOTHING CA sends me, sends copy summons 3/29

yesterday go to Courthouse( civil ) to file reply to summons, Countersuit,AND my request for docs,:) CA/ATTY copies (Cmrr), Waiting for thier reply ..( I think i must be doing something right, had Great clerk and her smile just kept getting bigger as she read my papers. all she said was "balls in thier court and giggled) Nice! gave me all the docs i needed to reply and for serving Atty..AND made extra copies "just in case I needed them",

not this is in civil court,,( this CA/ATTY files ALL thier Ca in civil instead of SC)

should i ask for a change in Venue ( to small claims? they want under 700. and My Counter claim is under the 5000 limit,

I think it would level the feild since SC has no Attys and the CA would have to show)

now Since Dr cant legally give my"phi" to anyone without a Hippa release, did they violate by giving PHI to CA?( statement has info like Blood test, exam, and my name is on it. also by giving PHI such as Photo Id ect..? did they also Violate Hippa, by giving my phto id, health ifo to CA?( also sent Dispute letter to OC with "reminder" about Hippa and that THEY are not in Compliance with Hippa,)

Sigh nothing like having your plate full!

( EXP Just had the 5 old med collections so i started there, sent Dispute XX to Exp 1st) Not enough "current tradelines" for score, did show all our old Mortages/Personal loans( all Paid In full* sold home 3 years ago) and two current "H&R Block Emerald cards all PAID in full, Never late , No balances ,

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Well, I had a difficult time following your post so I will only address the HIPPA issue.

If the hospital or doctor's office personnel provided anyone other than you or your person your authorized agent (husband, parent etc) any of your medical information than yes they have violated HIPPA. I would file a complaint with the State medical licensing board on the doctor (ultimately it is his business and he is responsible), the Atty General in your state on the hospital, and any other party and finally your states Board of Insurance. I will bet you that if you write to the doctors and hospitals and tell them they need to resolve this issue or you will be reporting them to the Board of Insurance for a HIPPA violation they will respond. The fine for a HIPPA vilation used to be $11,000, I don't know if it has changed. Don't get too excited though because the fine is issued by the Board of Ins. and probably does not go in your pocket.

I had a interesting thing happen. Six years ago our son was a new born, my husband snored like a freight train so I made him go get a sleep study. At 2:30am the husband calls me and says I am on my way home, didn't want to freightend you. He got home and says that after having all the wires and goop and monitors hooked up to him, knowing that someone was watching him sleep, it then took 4 hours for him to be able to fall asleep (he has anxiety issues). About an hour into sleep the smoke detectors in the hospital go off and the nurse comes running in and apologizes because someone used that faulty toaster in the break room...:hmph: What he says you know you have a faulty toaster in the break room on the sleep study floor of a hospital? He says well, I am going home, I was told it takes 4 hours of sleep for test results, you said I would be released at 6am, it is 2:30am and it took me 4 hours to fall asleep in the first place with my anxiety, I will never get back to sleep now. About 6 weeks later we get EOB's from insurance showing all charges were applied to deductible. I contacted our ins. co and claimed they were fraudulent charges, you cannot bill an ins. co. without a diagnosis, you cannot have a diagnosis with a incomplete study. I filed complaints with the Atty General, the doctor's office that was to read and decipher the study called right away and said they would zero out the account, and I never heard from the hospital again. Five years pass and I get a letter from a collection agency. I responded with my own letter asking them to provide proof of the account, all signed admission forms to the hospital, doctor, nurse and hospital notes and anything else...I never heard from then again, they had no way of providing this info because if they had it, I would have known that the hospital breached HIPPA. It was a lot of FUN!!!8-)

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I should have made Two post so i will just address the Hippa issues here

Since most of the accounts are Medical accounts, I sent Letters to the Ocs

*short summary* Hippa and Wa medical Privacy rules are in effect* PHI is protected under Hippa ect..(wanted to make sure Oc Knew they couldnt give that info)

(3-4 days after) sent DV to Ca's

Now How could CA Get DV IF Oc is legally prohibited from giving that(Hippa) Info to anyone?

All the Oc;s and CA's are local, isnt that a effective "catch" 22? OC cant give info and Ca's cant collect without that info..

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One of My OC ( medical) had sent to Olympic collections ,( Dvs already sent out to all CA's of medical accounts from last post),

I get a phone call,(3-2) From CA, You owe us xxx, ( me) prove it,( hangs up)

CA gets atty , atty files suit,(3-5)

I get "served (3- 27) I answered, and requested docs,( copies sent CMRRR to atty) ( also sent second hippa to OC) .

.Atty sends two pages of "charges without my Sig, ( bottom says "pt agrees to pay XXX) and "cover" sheet with my ID and insurance info ect on it ( no sig anywhere)..( On march 23rd so lets assume they Did get 1st DV)..

*what violations if any ? if OC gave info to atty,legally atty couldnt use that info cause its "protected Health info" right.? Esp without a Release from myself giving atty rights to that info..( yeah like i am going to do that!).. So how could Atty win?

* last day for DV's from CA's still no reply( ok other that Olympic) now what do i do?

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