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Okay here's part 1 and 2 of my story about how awful AT&T and their b!tch, "Collection Company of America," are.

I found an email address for the CEO of AT&T online and sent a very mean email about my whole situation. The next day I get a call from AT&T exec. office here in Texas and am very suprised. Sending the email was kind of a last resort before suing and I didn't even know if the address was valid.

So the lady tells me she is taking my case very seriously and is going to get to the bottom of this. I let her know I'd rather communicate by email so I can have record of everything and I think that kind of threw her off a bit.

So, a few days go by and she emails me saying she is crediting me for the modem I sent back to AT&T but was charged for. Then she says she is sending my case to AT&T mobile for further investigation.

So about a month goes by and I'm emailing my contact lady and she is not replying. Now I'm pissed off. CCA has updated my credit reports with the adjusted amount but it's still not correct! At this point I'm livid and ready to sue. So I send another email off to the CEO which was pretty much an ITS by email....:lol: It laid out all of their violations and all of the problems I have had because of CCA's presence on my credit reports. It gave them 10 days to have the account removed from my reports or I would file suit on a certain day.

Suprise suprise my AT&T lady finally contacts me again. :roll: She tells me that the "presidential office" of AT&T mobility will be in contact with me regarding my mobile disputes. Then the lady does actually contact me! The AT&T mobility lady tells me that my bogus early termination fee is being refunded and so are various charges that I disputed.

Then finally-CCA removed their scummy a$$es from my credit reports. So guys-my final bill that AT&T will be mailing me, (that I will pay), is for $202. They were trying to stick me with a $700 bill.

If you know you truly do not owe something-you need to fight it! I know it's annoying and can be stressful but stick with it!

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I even got a letter last night from CCA informing me that they had removed the accounts and that I would never hear from them again.

Keep all your paperwork. I have received similar communications from CCA in the past, only to have the calls start again a month or two later.

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