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Just call me crazy!!!

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Gee with the economic crisis looming in this country I decided to try and do my part...I went to walmart yesterday and could not find one thing I wanted to buy.

I have been slowly decluttering my life...getting rid of knic knacs and dust collectors...

Finding ways to get new stuff without cash, like freebies and trading.

I have been selling stuff on Ebay and just plain giving away on freecycle.

I have taken all my movies and dvd's to the shop for rentals and that has cleared up alot of space...

I have been shopping at the thrift shop and that makes me happy to not pay full price.

I don't think I'm sick...just a little crazy. :)++

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Okay you crazy lady you! Hey you told me to! :lol::lol:

Anyhow I think you're on the right track and are more sane than most of us! I've been doing the same thing.

I think alot of people are really starting to see the same way as us with all that is going on.

And girl I almost NEVER pay full price on clothes or anything! I love clearance racks and I love love love thrift shops.

I scored my little girl a guitar through Freecycle recently! First time I've ever been quick enough to get something! It felt so good....... :)

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thrift shops are the way to go! We have one in my town that let's you barter. It's great. I swapped 2 skateboards and a baseball mit for a "almost new" bike! Most of my friends and I are doing the same thing. You are not alone!!

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Anecdotally, the commuter train ridership is clearly down, and local layoff hits in the Seattle area have not yet taken full effect. WAMU, Boeing, GE Healthcare, et al.

I'm waiting to see what happens when Chrysler is cut off from further gumint money. They say they'll go BK without a bailout or merger. Perhaps they'll become Fiat-Chrysler. If they go BK, some analysts say a fall of one of the Big Three will bring down the other two because of the parts system chain failure that would cascade. Could double unemployment numbers.

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I'm with Admin on this. Never thought that Obama's actions would stem the tide......

But when I go back to work on May 1st (at the SE Toyota Distributors) after only 3 mo unemployment....Stock Market up week after week..... home sales up....and other indicators....

.....then I might just have to eat my words.

The only real fear I have at this time is the march towards 'socialism'.

Only time will tell.

BTW, I believe that 10 - 15 yrs is not going to happen. When and if inflation takes over because of the excessive borrowing (which the Obama budget has spread across 10 yrs.....which is 6 yrs longer than a 1 term and 2 yrs longer than 2..), those in power will be voted out and we could see a return to Reaganomic type policies.....which helped us recover from Carter.....

Note: This is IMHO! If I had the answers and no skeletons, I would run for office. Since I don't have the answers and plenty of things better left in the closet.....I will leave it to the people in power to do what they were voted in to do.....xdancex

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The answer is no one knows. After the 1929 crash, we had a 50%stock market bull run before the market crashed and burned. Unemployment was between 12% and 25% for 10 years. Most of the current "stimulus" plan is to print and spend money we do not have. Something Roosevelt did as well. I hope we don't get the same effect. It means that the initial "hope" rally will be followed by a decade of massive unemployment and deficits. The only thing that truly pulled us out was WWII, when 10% of the men in this country were enlisted for the war (ending the unemployment problem) and many of the women remaining took to the workforce (creating a surge in productivity).

Since 99% of the "Obama" stim. plan hasn't even been unleashed yet, I don't know how one can make any logical connection between his election and a perceived recovery less than 100 days later.

If you look purely at fundamentals, things are certainly getting worse at the moment. They're just being masked by insanely low interest rates and gov't programs such as TARP, first-time homebuyer tax credits, and new federal programs to get us to buy cars. At the peak of the irresponsible borrowing days, consumers were sucking $70,000,000,000 out of their homes PER MONTH to spend on worthless consumer crap. That number is now $7,000,000,000, so $63,000,000,000 less is being pumped into the economy EVERY MONTH (plus the multiplier effect). The way it feels now is reality. 2002-2006 was an equity-sucking mirage.

1Q '09 earnings season starts tomorrow, kicked off by Alcoa at 5pm. We'll see how bullish everyone is feeling by next week....

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Didn't we just elect an admitted cocaine user who associates with terrorist, and has no real experience in the work force?
:evil::evil::evil::evil: No one in the White House is a current user. Neither in this administration or the prior one. Clearly you are misinformed.

OT- but who cares about one's prior drug use. You may or may not agree with it, but it doesn't really affect you. Policy issues directly affect us.

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