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Holy crappola, I'm in over my head!


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Okay so I disputed online with TU and EX, and of course my items came back verified in 4 days. I just found out through here that online disputes are a big no no. So now what is my next step? Do I ask the CRA's to send me the investigation information of the creditor that they contacted to verify, or do I contact the CA's and OC and ask them to investigate?

I am really confused because this is so overwhelming, and I try to read through the forums to get my info, but and excuse my ignorance it all sounds like mumbo jumbo....someone please advise me on what to do.



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Here's what worked for me:

I kept my processes very simple. Here's what I did and it is still working successfully for me.

1. I got copies of my credit reports from all 3 bureaus.

2. I disputed all negatives on my reports online. About half of them fell off.

3. As the results of my disputes started coming in, I drafted 623 letters to the companies that verified the negative info. My letter gave them 30 days to respond. This weeded out about 3 more negs.

4. After 30 days I sent a follow up letter to the companies that ignored my initial 623 letter now giving them 10 days to respond.

5. I filed BBB compaints against the companies that were still ignoring my request. Although it didn't get any more TLs removed, 3 other companies gave me documentation that they had requested their TL removal, but the CRAs hadn't followed through.

6. I wrote to the CRAs enclosing the info from #5, and this is where I am now.

I started with about 17 derogatory items on my CRs, and I'm down to about 4 now. 2 of the 4 have not responded to anything I've sent them, so once the last BBB complaint cycles through, I'll be going down to the courthouse to file my complaints.

Again, that's what has worked for me. I hope it helps.

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Okay ladies and gents.....so since Im getting back my disputes I noticed that with EXPERIAN so far:

DELETED ::travolta::

Judgement removed

National Credit Adjusters(National Cash Advance)

Sage Telecom

GLELSI(student loan) was showing 150 days late, now showing, NEVER LATE!

VERIFIED :slapface:

Alliance One(Utility Account)-sending 623 letter.

United Collection Bureau(Time Warner)-sending 623 letter

PENDING :confused:

AIS Services(Advance America)

Collection Company of America (SBC Ameritech)

IC System(Newport News)

JJ Marshall (National City Bank)

Professional Credit Services (Sprint PCS)-thinking that since I have a current contract with SPRINT I may be able to pull the whole now that I am a current valued customer...yada yada...this TL is affecting my CR...yippity dippity...please remove this as I will forever be at your mercy :twisted:

SO A BIG OL' YAYYYYY FOR ME ::allhail:: maybe I'll get some more deletes within the next couple of weeks

THANK YOU ALL...., and GOODNIGHTxholysheepx

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thanks for your reply nascar, I do have another situation with UCB.

So I spoke to time warner cable which is the original collector for the UCB account. The rep I spoke with says that they have an account with me opened 2003 the balance is 359.00 and then she starts to say the balance was brought down to zero, and quickly corrects herself and says no it's really 359.00. I said well I never had an account with you, do you have any type of written contract that I signed? She states that they dont have written contracts all they need is a name, a social, and an address. I state so any one can open an account in anyone's name? She says "YES!" and then goes on to say I see someone else tried to open an account in your name at said address in 2007, but we wouldnt open it. I asked her for the name of the collection agency and she said hold on a moment, and the line hung up.

Should I write a letter to their legal department or CEO asking them to verify the debt or delete? Do I send a 623 letter to the OC and The CA? Im just baffled at how easily you can get an account in someone's name.

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Thank you kindly :everybodyclap:

I decided that I am going to start my own little how I'm doing documentary on here. No one will probably care, but it will atleast give me the chance to marvel at my own accomplishments :yahoo:

So no new news from EX, but I did recieve my results from Transunion which goes as follows:

DELETES: ::rockon::

Capital One-authorized user

First credit international-medical bill #1

Superior Asser Management-Tmobile account

Unique National Collections-no longer on file

VERIFIED :<img src=:'>

Judgement-updated to paid, this is the same judgement EX deleted

First Credit International-medical bill #2

First Credit International-medical bill#3 and I suppose that since they couldnt verify medical bill #1, and it was deleted, what do you know, I now have a new entry from them, medical bill #4, never recieved dunning on this or any of the accounts from them xxHellxx

Jp Recovery

National Credit Adjusters-National Cash Advance. Experian deleted, so I need to MOV the CRA right?

I really have my work cut out for me. Im thinking of taking one CR at a time, and I am believing that TU will be my biggest battle so I am saving them for later.

Any suggestions are always needed, because lets face it I have no

clue what the heck I've gotten myself into.....the war has begun.

Until later,


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xangelx You're in the war to clean up your credit and like any war its to your advantage to have a plan, get organize, learn your enemies methods, don't panick, document eveything and trust no one. Do your research on this site and on your own then what that was once German gradually becomes English or you start understand german better. Anyway hang in there!:)++
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so I have an update:

called TU regarding NCA being verified and they told me that they are no longer on file and I should be recieving a new report! :BigDance:

Now with all the celebrating I have recieved confusing info from a recent repo. I recieved what I guess is a notice of defieciency 5 whole months after my care was repoed. The letter states that I owe $7,996.00 and the car will be auctioned off May 26th. The funny thing about this is the CA that has the account recieved the account last year when it was only a charge-off. When I tried to make payment arrangements with the OC they told me that they couldnt accept payment and to contact the CA who told me that the amount was only $6496.00. I paid them $2000.00 bringing the balance down to $4496.00. This amount was also reflected on my CR. So when I receive this letter today showing this so called balance I'm like whoa how is this possible. I tried calling the CA whose office was closed. So I decide to give the OC a call. After rudely being told by the collection agent that they didnt have my account, I asked if she would tell me if the CA owned the debt or if they were assigned it, she said I dont have to tell you that because we have no business with you any longer. I stated that it would still show whether or not it was assigned or sold and she said Im terminating this call. I call back and speak to a so called supervisor who tells me that the CA is only assigned the debt. I asked her to give me the chargoff amount and she said that she didnt want to give me this because she's not sure if its "accurate" I said what wouldnt be accurate about it if you charged it off there shouldnt be any diffrence with the amount that you show. She then states the CA is only across the hall, let me go and see if the manager can help you. So of course I get a light bulb in my head that goes off and Im like so what do you mean they are across the hall are they in-house she said no. I say are they the same company she said well no we have diffrent names, but why do you want to know if it was assigned I said well if it was assigned then the account could have been called back and I shouldnt have to deal with them, she sat for a minute. So I said well since you dont know any accuracies well then I will contact your president tomorrow and see what he knows.....any suggestions because I am confused? PLEASE HELP:confused:

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So far from Experian I have gotten











Not bad for a Newbie huh:)

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sounds like you are doing awesome! I have just started this over my head adventure... I am working on my husband's CR right now. He had a car repo as well that is screwy. Come to find out the lender is being sued in a class action suit in which my husband is a party to. So that is some good news for me on that :)

Now I just have to find on this site where it talks about removing judgments. :confused:

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also I recieved no correspondence from any of the people at all. Alot of them I sent settlement letters to before I came across this site, and they didnt respond and so I disputed with the Credit Bureaus and they came off saving me alot of money :p

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