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Requests for my credit history

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Hello to everyone. :)++

I tried to search out this info but was unable to find the answer I wanted.

What info does a entity such as a CC company or a CA have to furnish TU, Ex, or Eq in order to request a credit history? I am guessing that they need to know the correct name, address, social sec#, ph#, and date of birth. Please correct me if I am wrong, and add any other info I may have left out.

I am new here, so I hope this is posted in the correct area.



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A person needs to state they have a permissible purpose to view your CR, such as a credit application, collection, account review, etc.

They are required to provide as much information as they have, but it's not uncommon for collectors and other companies to submit partial account numbers, misspelled names and addresses, partial or no ssn, etc.

The consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) take the request and try to find possible matches that are most likely to correspond to the request. CRAs look at your name, possible misspellings, possible nicknames, aliases, current and previous addresses, very similar addresses, current and previous phone numbers (and slight variations), current and previous employers, dob, etc.

So to answer your question they do not need to provide 100% accurate information. It's a probability game and the CRAs have some leeway in deciding the threshold for the best match(es).

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Thank you for your reply to my question. The information you gave me is very helpful.

While I am not surprised, I do find it disturbing that these entities are able to obtain such sensitive information playing a probability game.

Thanks again,


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