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Being sued for wrong amount. Need advice.

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I've been trying to find the answer to my question on these boards, but haven't had success. I was just served for a civil lawsuit in the amount of $12,977.62. It's for a medical bill. My question is, I have proof from my insurance that my portion of responsibility is in the amount of $9858.80. The hospital sold my debt to a CA. Now they are taking me to court. Do I answer the summons with the letter from my insurance company? What do you do when you're being sued for the wrong amount? The reason I never paid anything was because the hospital was overcharging me. I don't have the smarts or time to do this on my own. Anyone have any idea how much a lawyer would charge for a case like this? I'm in California; or how do I go about hiring a reputtable attorney?

Thanks in advance.

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