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Reinsertation and update

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Hello all I need help with this problem that I am having.

I had a problem with EQ where they split my credit report and screwed the whole thing up. When I got them to finally merge everything back together I found that they were two accounts that were reinserted and being deleted back on 6/4/08. EQ sent me a letter on 3/24/09 stating that the two accounts were reinserted on 3/9/09 (which is clearly more than 5 business days when they are supposed to send me the information).

On 1 of the account they reinserted they are saying that I was 30 days late in 8/05, 60 days in 09/05, 90 days in 10/05, back to 60 days in 11/05, then 90 days in 12/05, and then CO in 1/06, 2/06, 3/06.

EQ also states that the account was closed in 4/06 but are reporting me current from 04/06 thru 02/09. How can I be current from when it was closed in 04/06 thru 02/09 but you still have me as a current status of being CO. One an account is closed why would they still be allowed to report you currently?

I appreciate any help with this.

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