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Account charged off/written off


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Just looked at my credit report and was looking at a credit card that I knew was charged off. In the status it says 'acct charged off $1931 written off. $1761 past due as of Mar 2009.

Reported since: 6/2001

Date of status: 6/2006

Last reported: 03/2009

Account history: Charge off as of March 2009...etc. etc.

Balance History: amount and dates from 4/2007

My question is is the collection agency possibly messing with my report? I just received a summons from them and of course don't trust them. I posted a previous question about how they put the original creditor as the plaintiff. I know it is a valid debt but have read where sometimes they will change things in your report in order to keep it 'updated'. Just preparing myself.

Answered my question too soon...can the debt collector update as the 'creditor' on the account. It has

Recent Balance:

$1931 as of 3/2009

Discover sold this debt so I don't think it's them updating it.

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