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How do I order hard copies of my credit report?

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I've tried sorting through the electronic versions of my credit reports but find it difficult to navigate with various drop down menus etc (and I'm pretty computer savvy...I swear!).

I would like to order hard copies of all of my credit reports but cant seem to figure out how to do it. Seems everyone is offering online versions these days.

It's probably staring me right in the face but if anyone can help me out on how to make this happen, it would be appreciated!

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Disclaimer. I am very much a newbie here. You may not want to follow my advice until a more seasoned member chimes in. I'm sure if there are errors in my message, I will be corrected.

First of all, you do not need to pay for a report if you have not requested a report for a year.

Here is what I was told to do, and what I did. Go to the federal trade commission website. I am not able to post a link to the site as I have not posted enough here to have earned that privilege. There is a ton of info about credit reports. You can link the site that 1time2many mentioned and with a little bit of work, you will be able to request a CR from the three CRAs. If you have a printer you will be able to print your reports. I got reports from two agencys. Equifax would not deliver my report on the internet. I had placed a fraud alert on my file so I suspect that is the reason why.

I hope this information helps you.


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