Versus Palisades DCA

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1. yes, if they get a judgement against you...they can wipe out your account.

2. depends

3. ? it could go either way. Not sure which state.

4. you can ask during discovery

5. you can get your free credit report once a year....from annualcreditreport.com

6. Palisaides usually doesn't have the proper paperwork for court. But your situation MAY be different. You don't need to be a lawyer...but you should have some good knowledge about what to expect.

7. Palisaides is crap. Here's some more info about them.


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I don't believe a judgement could be placed on me

They can get a judgment against you. I think the SOL on judgments in NJ is 20 years and it is renewable. Your financial situation may change in the next 20 years.

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Palisades is a JDB. They almost never have records to substaniate their claim. I demanded proof and it took them two years to get it and it was so riddled with false information it was obviously created by them. Now it is SOL and I told them to FOAD.

You did not make your debt good for 20 years by moving to NJ. If they go all the way to getting a Judgement, the judgement itself is good for 20 years. The normal SOL for NJ controls how long they can sue for the debt.

If you file an answer and demand discovery, they will likely dismiss the suit. However many of these companies are starting to get desperate in the current financial market and may pursue a little harder. Once you refute the validity of their claim, then they are likely to bail out.

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