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Summons before collection letter

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:confused:Hubby got a call around feb 27th,( I answered) CA saying" we need to talk about your lawsuit" me HUH? What lawsuit I dont have any lawsuit,CA well this is Olympic collections and we are suing you for XXX, me, I dont know what your talking about, CA "well we will just call your husbands work and see what they have to say" Me" Prove we owe you anything & he cant Get calls at work"CA we can call if we want to"you owe XXX", me" again PROVE IT" and hang up ....I send DV and a C&D collections letter(3/2/09) ,,,,March 27th I get a Summons, meaning when they got my DV they "filed" a summons against us the next day

( funny thing date on bottom says 2/20/09 filed 3/5/09.and i wasnt "served" until 3/27/09)

They send me two papers in "reply" to my DV(they got on the 4th) ,thier reply came(3/23/09), nothing with my signature on it, no proof of anything.

cover letter says" in reply to your request"

Answered Summons, counterclaims,and request for docs( discovery),(3-28) they recieved on the 30th( green card came back)

This CA never even sent a letter before or After Calling to show how much they are trying to collect, ( dont they Have to send within 5 days of " 1st contact?)

they havent given any proof they can even collect.( I can Not find a Licence for the address on the summons for the CA )

by filing a summons( day after getting DV notice) did they violate "collections" while they didnt provide proof, since they didnt answer DV until 19 days After filing summons?

how long does someone have to file proof of "service of summons?" i went to court and only thing filed from CA is summons saying i XXX owes XXX

My answer to summons, counterclaims, and request for doc's( 20 day notice)

has this happened to anyone else, 1 call and then " here ya go we are sueing you"


GEESH, CA called , old neighbors today and left message on answering thier mach. this is Olympic collections calling for XXX , we need to discuse payment of XXX for XXX or we will continue the lawsuit against you call us back at XXX-XXXX

all this AFTER i sent DV and a Dont call me.. write letters.., how they going to get out of that? they Know my address and phone!

Rather Stupid since they havent even bothered to reply to "thier: lawsuit

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