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$39 Pay for delete WFFNB?


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Ok, so on EX WFFNB shows "legally paid in full for less than balance.." blah blah... "paid in settlement" ect.

account was opened in 2003. didnt manage correctly.. 2007 I decided to call and work out the debt to fix the TL on my CR's.

well somehow I paid $279, and now the CR's show a balance of $39.

I've fought with this account since 2007 in disputes ect, and i cant get it to fall off tu and ex permanetly.. but eq its been gone.

do you think its advisable to send a letter, or call the woman back i dealt with and negotiate to pay the remaining $39 for total deletion of the TL and history? I still have the copy of the check I paid the other half with and her contact info.

the account still shows horrid payment history which is got EX down in the gutter. TU no payment history.

i mean 18, 120 day lates, posted in the payment history for TU!!! 18!!! from 05-07. and it hasnt updated since june 07 with a late, and then continues to update every month until feb 09, as KD, key derogatory. (ive looked over past CR's for the older data.)

What should I do here?

is this hurting my score? it has to be, i cant find really anything else terrible that would cause such a score imbalance btwn the 3 CRB's.

can they even still report bad? they are! everymonth... though its says account closed, settled, legally paid in full for less than the full balance. :confused:

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I don't see anyway it can be reported as a late pmt history after it was leagaly paid in full. It is past time to send a nasty gram to the DF and see what they have to say. Do some research find your violations and fire up the ITS letter. As far as 39 bones for a PFD I doubt it but you never know, personally I would be going the violations route.

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