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Trying to figure out if Cap1 is still the real owner?

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I received a default judgment last year on a Cap1 account that is not out of SOL. Cap1 was Plantiff being represented by a local attorney. After reading a few articles on lawyers using the original creditor as the plantiff when in fact they really aren't, I thought I would give Cap1 a call to see where I would get transfered to after I gave them the account number.

So I.....

Called Cap1, entered acct no., recorded voice advises me that all calls may be recorded for quality assurance, rang 3 times and a person from the National Attorney Network answered. I asked if this acount was still owned by Cap1 and she said I would have to contact the attorney handling this account as they are only a referral network and she could not answer that question. I told her I need to speak with Cap1 directly and she advised to call the Cap1 no. back and ask to speak with a customer rep.

So I did and after giving the account no and a zip code to verify the account he said this account was being handled by their recovery dept. I asked if Cap1 still owned the account or if it has been assigned, transferred or sold and he said I would have to ask the recovery dept. because he can't see any info about that. So he transferred me and a recording for National Attorney Network is who answered.

Any suggestions on more questions to ask? Or is it possible that Cap1 doesn't own this account anymore. I'm trying not to have much contact with attorney (they were nasty). Since they did receive a default judgment, I sent Cap1 a settlement offer, cert. return receipt, to the attorney and haven't heard back in over two months.

PS. Found this forum after damage was done. But won't happen again!

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Thanks for the input. I messed up.....What I actually sent them was a payment arrangement agreement for the judgment amount. Not a settlement offer, sorry. Maybe a second letter would get this ball rolling. I do not want to make any payments until I have something in writing. I really don't understand why they aren't responding. I am telling them "Hey, I have money and am ready to pay you".

Just frustrating..... Thank you.

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Yes, it can be frustrating.

There isn't any reason for them to accept your payment arrangements. They have a judgement against you....so they can take all your money out of the bank or garnish your pay wages anytime they want.

You might try calling National Attorney or writing them.

There's also some stuff you can do to fight judgement but you have to read the sticky's on that one.

Good luck

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