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Does anyone know anything about these people? They called me at work pretending to be an old friend, and then when I wouldn't take the calls, the asked for the fax number here. Within 2 minutes there was an employment verification from them. When I called the lady to ask what this was about she said that she was from a collection agency and demanded that I give that letter to my payroll department. I told her that she knows I work here because I called her back, I also told her that she was in violation of the FDCPA for calling me here after she has been told that I cannot receive personal phone calls. I am mailing them a DV letter today, anyone have anything on these people? Or what I should do next?

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I don't believe they have any business asking for "employment verification" from your employer unless they already have a judgment against you. If that turns out to be the case, you'll want to get the judgment vacated because you weren't properly served. But of course, they can't have a judgment, because she threatened "legal action." I think this is just an effort to embarrass you at work - which violates the law.

Her cell phone message my also have violated the law, if they aren't entitled to or don't intend to actually pursue legal action.

There's another violation pending: since you have talked to this woman on the phone, there has been an "initial communication." They now are required by law to send you a letter within 5 days which tells who they are, how much they want, and it must inform you of your rights to dispute. This is all in the FDCPA. Read it and become familiar with it.

Right now you have a fax and a recorded message. Take these to an attorney. Look for one at www.naca.net. Hopefully you can find one who will give you an initial consultation for free, and if they feel you have a case, who will file suit for FDCPA violation on contigency. That is, they'll get paid by the Collection Agency if they win the case.

Don't let these people push you around, intimidate you, or scare you. And remember that you can't really believe anything they say.

Good luck.


PS Googling them turns up an entry with:

NYS Department of State

Division of Corporations

Entity Information

Their initial filing date is just 3 months ago, and their address is in Buffalo, which is a hotbed of sleazy debt collectors.

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So i have been getting about 5 calls a day between my home and my work cell phone from a companys auto dialer that leaves a message saying they want to offer me a reduced rate on my home loan or cash advance loan..I have neither i rent and have never had a cash loan or payday loan ever?? I called and usually get a voice mail but i finally got through told the guy what was going on he asked me about my supposed payday loan told him didnt have one and I live in Chicago not the state he was looking for the person who did have same name as me and he said ok would remove my number....next day more calls I pick up go through the auto dialer voice prompts get another guy tell him the same and I tell him only thing I can think of is if he is looking for my father who has same name but lives in a different state but has no home phone. He asks if I can get a message to him so i told him my brothers live near him and I would give them the number to relay and he says he will take my number off... well 10 more calls then today I answer my work cell and its them again so I go through it again and get sorry we will make note.. 45 minutes later I get called at work again.. now i'm annoyed and tell them remove my number I told them its not me and told them my address and such and I relayed the number to my brothers to give to my father to see if he knows about this the guy doesn't believe my parents don't have a phone and I explained they actually are loosing thier home since my mom is disabled and my father is a car salesmen with a bad economy so yeah no phone no cable and no home soon but i relaid the message.. He starts yelling at me telling me how do i get in touch with my parents i say usually I don't but If id o I use my brothers to relay.He demands their phone numbers I said no way. He asks if I am refusing and I say yes I have no idea who you are what you want and Im not giving my brothers numbers to this for no reason and told him remove me and stop calling me at work.. He curses me out and says my number is all he has and he will call me everyday until he gets his recovery paid because by law is has the right even though I have no contract or loan with anyone. I told him Id give him my dads address and he could send mail direct and he cursed me some more and said he'd talk to me again later today and everyday after until he got the money for the account... He then hung up so i called back to ask for company location and info to make a police report.. The lady was nicer apologized and said she had a social number which was first time anyone asked and said is your last 4 digits >>> I said no mine is >>> and I live in chicago and she said ohh this isnt you we will remove your number...I doubt this as I asked for 3 weeks...What can I do now because Im mad by this its not me and I got cursed out and work isnt happy im getting collection calls on my work cell?? I live in illinois no idea about the company just have a number 18776231815

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First off, the next time they call, the first thing you should ask for is the company name and address. It is against federal law for them to refuse to give it to you but seeing the rest of your story, I would not be surprised if they first refuse anyways.

If they refuse, inform them that you will find out sooner or later and as soon as you do, it will be worse for their employer and that you will take that information along with photos of the caller ID for all the calls. In fact, you may also want to record each and every call (or let it go to voice mail and see if the violate that way).

In either way, this company has already violated many laws so don't be surprised for more violations and do not give these idiots your brother's phone number. They will simply treat your brother the same way.

Actually, by law, they do not have the right to harass you for the debt of someone else, even someone who is related.

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They have left 2 messages on my cell phone and are calling my house found. The messages state that if I do not call Miss Hertel back at 1-888-716-2505 X106 immediately that they will forward it to the Pinellas County Courts. Who the heck are these people.

Legally they are not allowed to require any employment information without them mailing you paperwork with what it is regarding. A call stating that they are a friend is illegal. Go to the Better Business Bureau's website and report the harassment at your work.

Is anyone else having the problem where they are only calling you at ridiculously early hours...like 5 am. It woke up my son this morning.

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