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Possible Suite Defects - vs. Amex

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I'm getting sued by Amex and have two issues where they seem vulnerable and I welcome some advice from others...

1) The CO and the law-firm are one and the same - same owner. I believe that my offers to settle were never taken to Amex by this firm. Can they claim attny/client priviledge re: those communications and also be the CO? Or is just that they have limited power of attny? I believe that Amex was never consulted because they have 2 of 3 of my Amex cards and on the other one, Amex accepted my offer. In fact, they only filed suit after I told them Amex accepted the offer on the other card.

2) They didn't enclose the original contract. They put in a different cards original contract. No signatures either. I would think the sig's aren't a big deal - there are lots of cards that have no sig in the app process - but they included the wrong card.

I put #2 in my answer but #1, I'm not sure what to do with. I'd like records of their conversations with me (I got cursed out and harrased many times) and also proof that they conveyed my offers to Amex. They solicited the offer "What can you afford to pay - I'll bring it to Amex" and then I think they never did....


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